Thursday, February 11, 2010

"The Bomb"

Explosions tell the truth by eliminating layers of signifiers and exposing a creamy gooey filling that we wouldn’t normally see. Explosions reveal reality to be an ever changing smattering of disconnected fragments.

Explosions show us how things work, how things fall apart and how people respond to unexpected disruption of physical constants.

Explosions help us learn how dogs feel about fireworks. Explosions show us that all structures are temporary. Explosions show us how innovative insurgents can be. Explosions make us nervous. Explosions make movies more fun and make us feel excited. Explosions make us sad. Explosions teach us to be cautious when opening a new bottle of seltzer. Explosions make world supers powers feel really strong and really insecure.

Explosions revel who we are, where we live and what is important to us.
Explosions are the bomb.

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