Sunday, January 31, 2010

In a Band

A band. (via

I want to be in a band. People in bands meet girls, except now I have a girlfriend that I like so I’m not really interested in meeting girls but still I want to be in a band.

People in bands get to tell people they’re in bands and think about maybe quitting their job and just being in a band. “Just being in a band” is the goal of people in bands. Maybe television appearances, too, as long as it’s still “for the music.” So people in bands have goals, which is good.

A different band.

People in bands always have an activity to do, even on weekends, and get to turn down invitations because they want to work on their music. Or do they have to work on their music? It’s hard to say, but it seems like something that requires a lot of time and would also be difficult to schedule because they have to feel inspired. People in bands feel inspired periodically and when they’re inspired they can turn down invitations and not even hurt the feelings of the people whose invitations they turn down.

If I were in a band I would be one of the people who tries to do something else creative, too, so I wasn’t just a person in a band. I would tell you I was in a band and then you would think I was creative so maybe you would also look at my drawings or my poems. And even if they weren’t that good I would still be a person who was not only in a band but also drew or wrote poems. I would be an artist, and I want to be an artist because anytime artists do anything there is a party.

A party, for art. (via j-No)

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