Saturday, March 28, 2009

Press Release for Dog Shit

It’s a Fast-Paced World, So You Better Step On It!

Dog Shit

Harness the power of the endless supply, myriad shapes and colors, and inimitable scent and feel of dog shit. Relive the earthy sensation of a gentler time you thought you had lost. Let the multicolored striations and marbled textures of dog shit remind you of what it means to truly be alive. Share with friends and family and celebrate the diversity of dog shit as you explore:

• Everyday uses for dog shit around the home
• Where to find dog shit and how to transport it
• The unique visual traits of each dog shit
• How dog shit's tactile qualities can indicate its age
Dog shit games for people of all ages and skill levels
• How diet can influence dog shit's smell
• Becoming an expert in dog shit for fun and profit
• And much, much more!

The unique qualities of dog shit simply cannot be found in anything else. Whether beginner, hobbyist, or seasoned pro, you won’t want to go another day without picking up some dog shit. At home, in the office, or on the road, dog shit can be there to make sure everything goes your way—and everyone has fun!

For more information, contact:
Jim Malodorous
Dysosmia, Inc.

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