Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ethical Conundrum

A woman sells a book online, through an online bookseller that assists with third-party sales. She read the book and is selling it to create shelf space and earn money to purchase other books.

What would you call the woman?
a) A seller
b) A consumer
c) A reader
d) A pirate

Who suffers in this transaction?
a) Physical bookstores
b) The author
c) The publishing company
d) The woman selling the book
e) The next purchaser of the book

Who is to blame?
a) The woman
b) The next purchaser
c) The online bookseller
d) The publishing industry
e) America’s declining reading culture

Circle all that apply: this transaction is qualitatively different from:
a) Checking out a book from a library
b) Borrowing a book from a friend
c) Buying a used book from a physical bookstore
d) Buying a used book at a garage sale
e) Buying a new book from an online bookseller

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