Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zero Tolerance

“Zero Tolerance. Saturday, June 21 [2008]. Piazza Madama Cristina, at 8:30 PM. Appetizer potluck to follow the screening of the documentary ‘Green Shirts.’

“A new human race exists: the PADANIAN RACE. The individuals who belong to this team follow Celtic rites, deliriously crusade to defend the churches of tradition, rave against [foreign] invasions and for the ‘ethnic cleansing of the queers,’ and want to defend the Sacred Polenta from the blasphemous Couscous, by rifle if necessary. The scheduled documentary, ‘Green Shirts,’ uses various shots of Padanians in their natural habitat to show the true ‘flame’ that animates them: pure xenophobia, expressed by the slogan that is also the password of their unique faith: ‘Zero tolerance, less than zero, always intolerance!’

“Turinsquatters. Against fascist idiocy.”

The Nazi-oid picture features "the Sun of the Alps," the symbol for Lega Nord's proposed flag of Padania, in place of the swastika, and the photoshopped faces are, left to right, Roberto Calderoli (Senator and Minister for Legislative Simplification), Mario Borghezio (President of Lega Nord Piemonte and member of the European Parliament), Umberto Bossi (Federal Secretary of Lega Nord and Minister for Institutional Reforms), and Angelo Alessandri (Federal President of Lega Nord and member of the Chamber of Deputies). N.B.: the large black boot of the militant leftist and the spray of blood from the skinhead’s face. I don’t know what to make of the fact that “Turinsquatters” is rendered in English.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grammar Lesson


Lie vs. Lay

Lie /´lī/, n., means “an untruth” and v., means “to tell an untruth.” Lay /´lā/, either v. (often used with “got” or “get”) or n., is an outdated euphemism for sex/sex partner.